Sports Injuries

If you are a recreational athlete or a professional one, you most certainly encountered a physiotherapist at some point in time. One may seek advice as a preventative measure or to deal with an acute or chronic injury. Once again, it is important to not only treat the symptoms but also identifying the source of the problem which may be poor technique, setting of equipment, footwear or a sudden increase in training intensity. A combination of advice, hands-on treatment and exercise therapy is often the course of action. In some cases further diagnostics are required apart from the clinical examination. Our physiotherapists are in constant communication with the sports and orthopaedic consultants to update on progress and seek advice when other interventions are required.

ab physio sports injuries


Meniscus injury

Jumper’s knee

Patellofemortal joint pathology

ligament and muscular injuries

Tendon injuries e.g. tennis elbow, golfers elbow, Achilles and patellar tendinopathies

Shoulder impingements

ITB friction syndrome

Post operative rehabilitation


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