Spinal Conditions

One of the most common ailments seen in our clinics would definitely be spinal pain. Sedentary lifestyle, poor ergonomics and traumatic incidents are the main sources of injuries. Back pain can be quite complex and it is important to identify the offending structure/s. We see patients suffering from spinal pain at various stages and usually, the sooner the problem is diagnosed and treated, the better the outcome. As soon as spinal pain is not following the usual course of recovery, one should seek advise. Treatment may include a combination of medication, physiotherapy and exercise. Advice of postural and handing habits, ergonomics and general lifestyle goes hand in hand with treatment as usually the cause of the problem may be identified once these topics are discussed.

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In some cases there will be the need of further investigations. Referral to a consultant can be quickly arranged and diagnostic tests are performed. Being part of a vast network of professionals is very useful in the management of all musculoskeletal injures and spinal pain, being a common debilitating problem, is one of them. The more common spinal conditions treated are:

 Disc pathology

Facet joint impingement

Nerve impingement

Soft tissue injury – muscular and ligamentous

Post-operative rehabilitation such as nerve root decompression, disc replacement, fusion and steroid injections



Cervicogenic headache ……. and more

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