Shockwave Therapy

Shock wave therapy, also referred to as Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), is a promising treatment for tendon injury. Based on lithotripsy that has been used to treat kidney stones for many years, research evidence now supports the use of shock wave therapy in treating common tendon injuries, including achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis and shoulder calcific tendinopathy. Treatment stimulates healing in chronic tendon injuries that have failed to heal spontaneously and have not responded to other treatments. On average, 60-80% of patients find significant improvement in their tendon pain after treatment.

How does it work?

Shock wave therapy involves non-invasively delivering high frequency shock-waves to the injured tendon, through the skin. A standard course of shock wave therapy involves one treatment each week, for three to four weeks. Some discomfort during the treatment can be expected, however this will subside quickly afterwards, and often pain can be reduced. Strenuous activity should be avoided for 2 days post treatment.

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Physiotherapy & Pilates in Liverpool Street

Our current operational site in the city is at the prestigious Andaz Health Club. The Andaz Hotel is a 5* boutique hotel with a beautiful serene setting. The clinic in the health club is nicely set up with the facility of a full rehabilitation gym.

Apart from manual therapy, acupuncture and other physiotherapeutic modalities, pre and post surgical rehabilitation can be undertaken in a luxurious and private environment. Showers and individual changing rooms are available for patients seeking treatment during their working day. This clinic is conveniently close to Liverpool street underground and rail station, 5 minutes from Moorgate Station and 10 minutes from Bank Station. It is also within a short walking distance to a diagnostic centre and orthopaedic consulting rooms, should further investigations be required.

Pilates in Liverpool Street

Today's Pilates teachings encompasses the modern day principles of exercise science and rehabilitation to meet every clients need. The movements have been modified to suit both the clinical setting of clients and also those requiring improved flexibility, mobility, strength and muscle tone, core stability, stamina, co-ordination, balance and improved breathing patterns.

From beginner to advanced, from gym exerciser to professional sports person Pilates can be the perfect complement to your current activities, taking your body forwards to function with effortless efficiency. Improved posture, less pain, increased sports performance, injury prevention and lowered stress levels are just a few of the benefits of regular Pilates sessions.

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Personal Training in Liverpool Street

Personal training offers a more structured approach to getting in shape than group classes, and more motivation than going solo. By designing a programme based on your goals, strengths, weaknesses and preferences, a good personal trainer will make your journey enjoyable, challenging, and fun.

At the Andaz, our personal trainers, you won’t just be told to do mindless reps: you’ll learn the hows and whys of putting together a training programme, which will help you stay in shape for good – not just for summer.

Massage in Liverpool Street

Massage helps to increase circulation, relieve pain and restore normal movement to the muscles. The most popular treatments are: Deep tissue and Sports massages.

Deep tissue and Sports massages are recommended for people with:

- Chronic pain;
- Limited mobility;
- Post-traumatic recovery after falls or sports injuries;
- Postural problems;
- Stress or muscle spasms.

Our massage therapists work with people, applying different techniques and skills in a unique manner, tailoring each session to the individual needs of each patient.

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Nutrition & Health

At ABPS we specialise in Nutrition and provide you with a personalised diet, specifically designed to meet your nutritional needs. The first appointment normally comprises Anthropometric Tests and Lifestyle Assessment. Anthropometric Tests provide important information about your body weight, the percentage of body fat, the distribution of fat around the stomach, the percentage of lean mass and water that compose your body.

These tests are important to assess if your body weight is ideal, and also they provide a good indication about the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Lifestyle Assessment is performed through consultancy and written questionnaires in order to analyse how your lifestyle, environment and habits may be affecting your health and wellbeing.  

To book an appointment with AB Nutrition Services or for further information please contact us on the following:

Tel: 020 8123 3232 / Mob : 075 2306 7482


We provide also DNA testing for Nutrigenetics, as well as lifestyle assessment in order to analyse how your diet, lifestyle, environment and habits may be affecting your health and wellbeing. 

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