First appointment normally comprises of a subjective examination where the patient describes his or her symptoms. The practitioner asks questions regarding facts which could be directly or indirectly related to your condition. This is followed by a physical examination which includes clinically-based tests related to your injury. Our clinic is well connected to a network of consultants and referral to see relevant practitioners could be arranged.



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At ABPS we specialise in manual therapy and rehabilitation. Trigger point acupuncture is often helpful in dealing with the pain and muscle spasm. Spinal and Joint manipulations are very useful to release articular stiffness and improving mobility. Electrotherapy may be used to prepare the tissue before manual techniques, especially in acute soft tissue and sports injuries, but it is never used on it’s own. Spinal conditions are common in the city and spread over a wide range of pathologies. At ABPS we take into consideration the nature of the problem and the cause while treating the symptoms.  Liaison with GP and consultants is often useful to order special tests and prescribe medication when required. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a recreational sports and gym enthusiast, you need the right medical attention when things go wrong. Mechanics of injury and history leading to the injury is very important information to determine the cause. In some cases diagnostic imaging is required and ABPS @ Andaz  is in close proximity to state of the art imaging centres where MRI & 3T MRI, CT scans, Ultrasound imaging and X rays can be performed at short notice. ABPS collaborates with a number of top orthopaedic and sports consultants. Referrals can be organised within days and constant liaison between your physiotherapist and consultant is crucial to receive the best possible care.


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To book an appointment with AB Physiotherapy Services or for further information about video motion analysis and custom orthotics please contact us on the following:
Tel: 020 8123 3232 / Mob : 075 2306 7482 or email: [email protected]

AB Physio Services (ABPS) are recognised by all major Medical Health Insurances:

Provider numbers:

AXA – ZZ03063
BUPA – 80011243
Cigna – 199351
WPA – 920499269
Aviva – 600052512

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