It is very important to keep fit and healthy during these difficult times, where we’re asked to responsibly stay at home while continue to work remotely. Regular exercises, is repeatedly mentioned in the press and we at ABPS join them in voicing the importance of keeping fit and mobile, both for our physical and mental health. Many people are being asked to continue performing their work duties from home, therefore it is also important to include posture and ergonomics.

Although nowadays it has become common for people to work one or two days from home for a variety of reasons, it is completely different when one is doing that day in day out, and for a number of weeks. Depending on age and level of fitness, one might have no lasting consequences from working on the laptop for a day or two whilst lounging on the sofa or in bed. Doing that for a prolonged period on time, it is guaranteed that aches and pains will start creeping up on anyone. In small london apartments, usually there isn’t much space for an office with a desktop computer, so laptops are commonly used in the majority of households.

Follow these simple instructions to minimise the risk of posture-related injuries:

  • Attach a separate keyboard and mouse so the laptop can be elevated on a stand or a stack of books. Like this the line of vision is improved and the neck is better aligned.
  • Make sure that your lumbar spine is supported and that you sit right back into the chair so you support the lumbar curvature. Slouching would reverse this curvature, putting a lot of strain on lower discs, ligaments and muscles.
  • Have your knees levelled slightly lower than the hips. This would help maintain pelvic alignment in relation to the lumbar spine.
  • Avoid leaning forward onto the table. This would strain you wrists and forearms and change your neck and lower back position.
  • Have both feet on the floor beneath your knees. Avoid crossing your legs.
  • Take regular breaks to stretch and move around.

Ideal Set-up

Postures to AVOID!!!