Gait Analysis/Orthotics

The footscan™ is a great tool to analyse weight distribution through gait. It helps the clinician make decisions on which type of insole suits the person in order to correct biomechanics insufficiencies that may contribute to injury.

Following a physical examination, the dynamic 3-D graph is discussed with the patient and bespoke orthotics are ordered if necessary.

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Video Motion Analysis

The patient or athlete is asked to walk, run and perform specific test while being filmed from different angles. These images are imported in special software, which enables us to identify variations from the ideal alignment. This could be either due to muscular weakness or structural variations such as over-pronation, supination and flat feet to mention the most common. Joint angles are measured and compared in different phases of your gait, which is slowed down to analyse the motion pictures in detail.

Video Motion Analysis is also useful with cyclists who either experience pain while riding their bikes or those who are looking for the ideal fitting for their style and body frame.


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Custom orthotics and devices shaped to your specific needs to support and correct the biomechanical needs of your foot. Foot alignment is important in addressing reaction force from the ground on impact while walking or running. When clinical findings and patients complaints go hand in hand with findings from the video motion analysis and Foot Scan results, only then we believe that orthotics would be recommended. At ABPS we believe that custom orthotics should only be prescribed to patients who fit these criteria.


The data gathered from the Foot Scan, Video Motion Analysis and Foam foot print together with the clinician’s recommendations are sent to the RightStride Lab where your orthotics are manufactured.
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