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andre bason

André Bason

André graduated in physiotherapy from the University of Malta in 2001. He has gained a Masters degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy from University College London (UCL), specialising in manual and exercise therapy. André is a state registered physiotherapist who has worked in private practice since 2001 and has experience in treating people from all walks of life, including professional and amateur athletes. He has a special interest in the assessment and treatment of neck and back pain. He also has interest in post-surgical rehabilitation such as ACL repair, knee and shoulder arthroscopy. André uses manual therapy, acupuncture and also incorporates the Pilates concept both in the treatment and prevention of injuries. He researched the benefits of Pilates in the retraining of Transversus Abdominis with the help of Ultrasound imaging.

André is a member of the Health Professional Council (HPC), Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) and Manipulative Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP).

MACP no: 10561 CSP no: 068304 HPC no: PH 63533


Asta Miliunaite physio liverpool street

Asta Miliunaite

Asta graduated in physiotherapy from Lithuanian Sports University in 2013. She has been working in private practice since then, specializing in musculoskeletal field. She is currently doing a Masters Degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at the University of Brighton.

Asta has worked in physiotherapy practices in various European countries (Lithuania, Finland, Greece) where she had the opportunity to pick up various skills and knowledge which now compliment her treatment techniques.
She uses manual therapy and exercise therapy as well as sports massage therapy to achieve best results in treatment.

Asta is a member of the Health Professional Council (HPC) and Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP).

HCPC no.: PH105130 CSP no.: 095636


Dr Luigi Vorluni

Dr Luigi Vorluni holds a degree in Sport and Exercise Science from South Bank University, and a PGCert in Teaching and Communication from Brunel University. He gained a PhD in Exercise Physiology from Burnel University in 2007. Also, he holds different other qualifications in the area of exercise science, strength and conditioning, fitness and nutrition. Throughout his PhD Luigi delivered scientific talks and presentations both nationally and internationally, and also he taught exercise physiology and other sport-related subjects to undergraduate students. After completing his PhD Luigi carried out scientific research focusing on Exercise Physiology and published work in Scientific Journals. Luigi is a member of the National Register Personal Trainers (NRPT). He has a long experience working as an exercise physiologist, and health, fitness and wellbeing coach. Luigi has developed a powerful holistic and integrative approach to help and support people to achieve their health, fitness and wellbeing goals, and prevent injuries.   


  • Health and Wellbeing Coaching
  • Sport and Exercise Science
  • Physiology and Exercise Physiology
  • Nutrition, Sport Nutrition and Nutrigenetics 
  • Psychology and Sport Psychology
  • Natural Remedies


  • Enhancing Health, Wellness and Physical performance
  • Weight Loss & Weight Management
  • Body Sculpting
  • Increase Self Confidence
  • Improving Self Esteem 
  • Increase Energy Level
  • Health and Fitness Testing
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Bodybuilding and Cardio-fitness 
  • Core Conditioning 
  • Improving Body Composition
  • Improving Posture and Flexibility
  • Blood Pressure Management and Preventing Hypertension
  • Maintaining Healthy Levels of Cholesterol and Triglycerides, Helping to Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases


Anthropometric Tests

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Composition, which include the percentage of Body Fat (%BF), percentage of Fat Free Mass (%FFM), and percentage of Water that compose your body
  • Waist to Hip Ratio (WHP)  

These tests provide important information about your body weight, the percentage of body fat, the distribution of fat around the stomach, the percentage of lean mass and water that make up your body. There tests are important to assess if your body weight is ideal, and also they provide a good indication about the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and cancer.        

 Lifestyle Assessment

Lifestyle assessment is performed through consultancy and written questionnaires in order to analyse how your lifestyle, environment and habits may be affecting your health and wellbeing. 

Health and Wellbeing Testing

  • Systolic Blood Pressure (SBP)
  • Diastolic Blood Pressure (DPB)
  • Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
  • Pulse Pressure (PP)
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels (%SpO2, is the level of blood oxygenation) 
  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Pulse Strength (PS)
  • Vascular Health Index (VHI)

These tests are carried out order to assess some aspect of cardiovascular health and the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. 

Fitness Testing

  • Flexibility Testing 
  • Strength Testing 
  • Aerobic capacity Testing 
  • Assessing Posture  

These tests are carried out in order to assess your fitness level. The results of all tests are also used to create a tailored programme to achieve your health, fitness and wellbeing goals. 



Charlotte Debattista

A singer and dancer since the age of nine when her passion for musical theatre was ignited. She is originally from Malta, before moving to London to pursue a career in musical theatre. She completed her training at the prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts, and has since performed in venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and various theatres in the West End.

Charlotte’s dance background introduced her to the wonderful world of Pilates. Having a passion for health and fitness, she trained with Stott Pilates, and is a full-certified level 1 Pilates instructor, with certification in both pre and post-natal too. She has a keen interest in both rehabilitative and dynamic Pilates, and helps clients work towards an equilibrium between stability, mobility and strength. Charlotte is also an IKFF certified Kettlebell instructor.

She loves teaching and providing individual attention to each client so they can get the most from their workout. Charlotte aims to articulate the spine, challenge the core and improve the client’s overall fitness. Pilates is intelligent exercise with profound results.



pliates liverpool street

Gabby Bhandari

Gabby has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. Gabby started out as a freelance personal trainer and group exercise instructor for the YMCA and other corporate businesses. For the last 15 years, Gabby has focused on Pilates, corrective exercise and rehabilitation. It was her interest in back pain that led her to Pilates and corrective exercise as a way to rebalance and restore the body to better health and function.

Gabby completed her full Matwork and Studio Pilates training qualifications with BCPA and the APPI and more recently gained qualifications in dynamic stabilisation, dynamic stretching and restorative yoga. She also works with pre and post natal clients.

Gabby is passionate about her work and loves the challenge of solving body imbalances and healing injuries through movement with the aim to restore normal functional movement patterns within the body



pilates liverpool street

Diane Aben

Diane has been teaching Pilates since qualifying with Body Control Pilates in 2005. Prior to qualifying, she had a career as a short term fixed income trader in the City. She came to practise Pilates after pregnancy and decided to retrain as an instructor having experienced its tremendous effect.

She is qualified to teach at advanced level both matwork and equipment.
She enjoys working with people of all ages and levels of fitness, having taught a wide range of professions from office bound workers to performers and athletes.

Diane is a member of the Body Control Pilates Association.



Matt Zammit

Matt is a physiotherapist specialised in movement-based rehabilitation. As a qualified Running and Movement Analyst certified by the Running School® Matt’s skillset and experience enable him to analyse, coach and treat movement patterns and running technique in order to help his clients move better, feel better and perform better!

His previous experience includes work with patients with varying musculoskeletal conditions as well as work with Air Asia, Adidas and athletes from various backgrounds including running and swimming.  Being an international swimmer himself, has provided Matt with insight into understanding the true nature of movement, injury prevention and treatment.

Matt is a member of the Health professions council (HCPC) and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)

HCPC- PH114308 CSP- 103752

+ BSc (Hons.) Physiotherapy

+ Injury Prevention and treatment

+ Sports and Exercise specific rehabilitation

+ Certified Running analyst 

+ Certified Movement analyst



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